Confetti Pop - Happy Birthday Flower

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A Shropshire Petals branded Happy Birthday confetti pop.

Celebrate a birthday in style with a shower of beautiful confetti, ideal for both children and adult parties. Each individual confetti pop holds an individual portion of flower confetti, which makes them a popular choice for a Birthday celebrations. These pops can be bought in bulk as a great up sell.

The pops will arrive to you filled with your choice of biodegradable petal confetti. We've also added biodegradable stickers to each confetti pop to ensure that they travel well and look as we intended. These stickers can be removed when you are all ready to use them.

All our petals are grown on our flower farm in Britain, they are biodegradable, eco-friendly, natural, dye-free, top-quality and slow falling.

Please note, there is no push mechanism in these pops, just hold them high and sprinkle in the air. This also makes them safe for children to use.