About Us

Pilgrim Candle Co., Inc., a Massachusetts-based candle manufacturing company, opened its doors for business in 1992 as a one person operation tucked in the corner of a 19th century paper mill, known as the Mill at Crane Pond.

The journey began when our founder, Joe Shibley, was given a layoff notice from the company that employed him.  Instead of interviewing in the job market, Joe spent most of his extra time that first year in the public library gathering information about candle making and material suppliers.  After eight months of research, testing and setting up shop, Pilgrim Candle sold its first candle. Since that first 85-cent sale, Pilgrim Candle has developed a line of high quality scented candles that are equal to the best candles in the industry.

Pilgrim Candle continues to manufacture hundreds of thousands of candles for both the wholesale and retail markets under the Pilgrim Candle brand, and beginning in 2009, Pilgrim Candle expanded into private label manufacturing producing high quality candles that have been sold off shelves under brand names such as Calvin Kline, Vie Luxe, Helen Julia, and many more.